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Moving abroad? Here’s your four-week checklist of jobs to complete before the big day

So you’re moving to a different country, which seemed like a good idea to start with but now you haven’t got a clue how to begin packing up your life in the UK in advance of starting a new one abroad. There’s a whole host of things that you need to remember to take care of before you leave – this should be a fairly comprehensive list but you never know what else might crop up to be dealt with…

4 weeks before the move:

  • Throw out, give away or donate the possessions you will not be taking to your new home.
  • Clear out the attic, basement or garage.
  • Make sure your passports, international driving licenses (if required) and visas are valid and in order.
  • Inform your solicitor and ensure that you have copies of your will, medical and dental records.
  • Inform your bank and change accounts if necessary.
  • Find out about potential quarantine regulations if you’re taking pets with you.

3 weeks before the move:

  • Cancel your newspaper, magazine and general mail subscriptions.
  • Arrange for electricity, gas and telephone services to be cut off.
  • Tell schools and ensure that copies of reports and certificates are obtained.
  • Collect work permits, tax records and other relevant documentation.

2 weeks before the move:

  • Put aside valuable or personal items you wish to carry with you during the move.
  • Return any rented or borrowed items.
  • Dispose of any toxic chemicals (oil paints, aerosol cans) and pack garden tools according to regulations.
  • Dismantle large furniture.

1 week before the move:

  • Start emptying fridge and freezer.
  • Go through details of the move with your representative.
  • Get your foreign currency.
  • Begin packing personal luggage.

On the day of the move:

  • Double-check all of the rooms to ensure nothing has been accidentally left by the removals team.
  • Liaise with your representative to ensure there are no more tasks to be completed.
  • Switch off power and water.
  • Hand over your house keys to the estate agent.
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