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Document storageRemote document storage may not be something you have considered, however with the increasing movement towards a paperless office, business are finding the storage, archiving and management of hard copies for legacy systems, legal requirements and customer records is becoming more and more difficult.

Businesses are creating single business centres, reducing costs by putting everything in one place. However a side effect of this is the need to amalgamate filing systems and documents that have previously been in many locations into the new “Head office” building. Unfortunately this is often the last thing on the designers, planners and builders minds when they create call centres and IT dependant office structures.

The end result is often badly managed paperwork, poor filling systems, slow and inaccurate retrieval systems, and ultimately paying the same rate per square meter for piles of boxes as you are for you state of the art office space.

So what is the solution?

Remote document storage can solve all these issues, saving you time, space, money and stress.

How does it work?

•    We look at your current filing systems and develop a solution that works for you
•    All boxes and archives are bar coded and logged into our state of the art computer system.
•    These are then taken off site to our purpose built archive storage centre. These centres are built to exacting specification of security, temperature and are designed to keep you documents safe, easy to find and quick to retrieve.
•    At any time you can request any items and they are picked and brought to your premises within an hour (depending on location)
•    You have more space, can rest assured that everything is stored correctly – not piled up in a quiet corner of your office!, you have a known monthly cost and no longer lose people on trips to the “filing” room.

Document storage solutions are now used by some of the biggest companies in the world, but can be just as beneficial for a small business that is bursting at the seams with ring binders, box folders, and filling cabinets. Imagine the extra space you would have if these things were not in the way! And the reassurance that they totally safe and can be easily found at a moment’s notice.

Call our specialists now to see how remote document storage can benefit your business, and its customers.


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