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Moving home in UK grounds? If you are moving in the UK, contact us today and we will provide you with an affordable quote based on your specific needs.


Here at F&N, we know that moving can be stressful. If you are moving in the UK, trust a leading UK removals company to ensure that you enjoy a first class move – without the hassle, without the stress and without the worry.
Our quality standards are maintained at a high level, making us the most reliable UK removals company around. If you are moving in the UK, get in touch to use our door to door service!


We have a fleet of over 25 modern vehicles for people moving home in the UK.
Our state of the art removals vehicles keep emissions low and fuel consumption down, saving both the environment and your money.
We have a self-store warehouse for all your storage needs!
Our container store is CCTV monitored so you can rely on us for maximum security for your belongings.


At F&N Removals, you can rely on us for both UK and international removals. Whether you are moving within the UK or jetting off to a more exotic location, contact our team for a quote. We offer a high standard of service and our insurance cover is included upon your quotation (up to £25,000.00).
If you’re moving in the UK, call on the top domestic removals company now. Call free on 01476 579210 or request a call back today.


If you are an employer looking for a company that can help you move staff overseas as easily as possible, then look no further than F&N. We can arrange a survey visit for individuals or groups of people and combine their shipments where practicable. Through our many relocation partners that are located around the world we’ll arrange house and school searches and search out expat club events and cultural acclimatisation meetings to get everyone settled and happy as soon as possible. As with our private moves, our team of corporate relocation agents will be able to move your people in quickly and comfortably so they can concentrate on their new responsibilities.

Our corporate relocation services cover locations around the world, including countries throughout Europe, South and North America, Africa, Asia and Oceania. In addition to the relocation of employees and personnel, we can also take care of any equipment that you might want moved in a secure and efficient manner in the same way that we handle personal moves. All you need to do is get in touch with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team with your details to find out exactly what we can offer you as far as your move is concerned.

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