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The Environment & F&N Worldwide Removals

F&N Worldwide Removals takes its commitment to the environment seriously. In these days of global warming and rising prices we need to be on top of the cost to our world of transport and the use of packaging materials. Our Quality Policy below reflects those concerns. We recommend all our customers contribute to the Woodland Trust to help save and increase the woodlands of the UK. A brochure about how this is done accompanies all our posted quotation packages. See more at:

Our Environmental Policy

F&N Worldwide Removals is aware of its environmental responsibilities.  Packing materials are sourced from the very best suppliers who are reviewed continually.  Whilst always using new materials for our export consignments, all other packaging is either re-used or re-cycled wherever possible.

The green friendly policy extends to vehicles; the large fleet of vehicles is aero-dynamically styled for maximum efficiency.  Each vehicle has a compliment of up-to-the minute equipment to ensure safe and careful handling.

In the Office

Discarded office paper will be used as ‘scrap’.  Paper which is unable to be re-used is disposed of into appropriate baskets and placed in a skip provided and collected by a re-cycling company.  Computer toner cartridges are returned to the supplier for re-cycling or may be taken (with used batteries) to a nearby office suppliers who have collection bins for the purpose of re-cycling.

In the Warehouse

Wooden lift vans will be repaired and re-used (if feasible) for overseas shipments or storage. Packing Materials will be sourced from suppliers who can offer environmentally friendly products.  Cartons, paper, card etc. will be re-used whenever possible.


Plastic waste is separated from paper products both in the office and warehouse ready for collection from our depot by a company who specialises in re-cycling these products.


Maximum utilising is made of resources in so much as deliveries/collections are ‘grouped’ wherever possible, in order to reduce vehicle usage.  Relevant members of staff are innovative in their approach to scheduling and will recognise opportunities to combine shipments to this effect.

F&N Worldwide Removals’ Environmental Policy is relayed to members of staff during training and their day-to-day activity and can be seen in various procedures throughout the Quality System.

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