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moving to frankfurt

Moving to Frankfurt from the UK

As a worldwide removals company, we often notice trends of countries and cities that people want us to help them move too. We have seen a real rise in people moving to Frankfurt and in many cases, we can exactly why. In this blog post, we talk about moving from the UK to Frankfurt and what you can expect from your new home. Why consider moving to Frankfurt? If you haven’t already planned it – that is! Firstly, Germans class Frankfurt as a city where people come to work, but it is actually a very pretty and idyllic place to live…

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Moving Europe Checklist

Moving to Europe Moving to Europe is a really big decision. However, it is also a really exciting decision to make. It can give you, you and your partner or you and your family the chance for a fresh start. Moving to Europe is an adventure, an adventure that enables you to live your dream. However, as we all know, moving house can be stressful. Relocating to another country can be even more stressful. Here at FN Worldwide, we have helped lots of happy customers with UK Removals to Europe Removals to International Removals. So, we decided to share this checklist…

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Moving To Germany from the UK: Why?

The number of British people living in the German capital Berlin rose sharply this year to 15,898. According to official statistics, Berlin is host to the largest British community in Germany. The number of British people living in Germany has increased by 40% since December 2016. In fact, estimates show that there are more than 107,000 UK citizens living in Germany. So why are people moving to Germany from the UK? German Relocation There are lots of reasons people are deciding on moving to Germany form the UK. We have listed some of these reasons below; Germany offers outstanding public transport…

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Moving to Germany: A Guide for Expats

Germany is a vibrant, modern country that boasts a great standard of living and plenty of opportunities. From magical landscapes to bustling cities, there’s something for everyone and over the years thousands Britons have made it their home. Organisation is key, and if you’re considering moving to Germany there are several essential tasks to organise both before your move, and during your first few months of residency. To help make your process run more smoothly, we’ve put together this practical guide for expats who are preparing to make the move to Germany. Things to know before your removal to Germany Buying…

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Top German Cities for your Move Abroad Post-Brexit

Top German Cities for your Move Abroad Post-Brexit With the inevitability of Brexit looming ever closer since June’s referendum, more and more Brits who voted to stay in the EU are looking to relocate to Europe before the process begins – but where to move to? Well, Totallymoney.com recently ranked Germany as the top country for living costs, career prospects, and quality of life, boasting some of the following stats: Average salary of £33,000 Lowest living costs Highest salaries for education, engineering, and media industries At F&N Worldwide Removals, we’ve helped countless people organise their international move to Germany and a…

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Expats Give Their Advice on Moving Abroad

Relocating abroad is a dream many of us hold, but for many that dream becomes a reality when they up sticks and move abroad to their dream destination. Whether you’re dreaming of a sun drenched paradise, a better way of life, or a new challenge abroad we’ve asked the expat experts for their top tips on moving countries, or even continent. From what they wish they’d known about location to learning a new language and settling in, we’ve rounded up all of the essential detail you need to know before you pack your life into a suitcase. Location Choosing your location…

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The Countries Ready for you to Retire

As soon as we begin our journey into the world of work, we’re often already wishing our life away and dreaming of retirement. With the UK population living longer it’s also meant we have to work longer too, and if there’s anything that’s drummed into us from an early age it’s to plan for your retirement and it’s with good reason too. Many of us dream of escaping abroad to enjoy our retirement in new and often sunnier surroundings, but whether you lust after a blissful and relaxing retirement or want a more action packed later life, then where you chose…

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Understanding Healthcare when Moving Abroad

Our health, and our family’s health is one of the most important things to us and when moving abroad it’s an element you really don’t want to compromise on. Whilst in the UK we are lucky enough to have the NHS which provides us with free healthcare whenever we need it, the situation abroad does vary with a mixture of free and paid healthcare systems. When relocating abroad you will no longer be covered by the NHS as care is only provided for residents who are in the UK at the time. If you’re relocating within the EU then your EHIC…

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The Happy Factor – Countries with the Best Wellbeing

Whatever your reason for moving abroad be it because of a job, family or the chance to experience a new place, it’s likely that wellbeing will also play a big factor in your decision to relocate. A study by the OECD Better Life Initiative has enabled countries to be compared based on 11 topics that all contribute to overall wellbeing. These included; housing, income, jobs, community, education, environment, civic engagement, health, life satisfaction, safety and work-life balance. It can be difficult to quantify wellbeing and part of the beauty in the world is that it varies so differently from country to…

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How to Start a Business Abroad

Unless you are looking to retire abroad or purchase a second home, for many of us, moving away from home will mean that you need to find a job. A new home, means a new start and starting a business abroad is a dream many hold. With languages to learn, friends to make and a new life to settle into, the prospect of setting up a business abroad may seem a daunting one at first. Which is why we’ve put together a guide of what you’ll need to consider before you begin your business abroad, from starting up to essential paperwork…

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