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F&N Worldwide - International Removals - Europe Removals - UK RemovalsWhether you’re moving home across the UK, moving overseas or even just having work done on your home there is often a time when you have a pause. Maybe houses are not ready, extensions are not finished, or new furniture means your old ones need to go somewhere until you can find a home for them.

This often causes all sorts of problems but there are a number of solutions. You could use a self storage service where you take items back and forth as you need them to a secure location – often with 24/7 access and full security (in fact FN offer this exact service)

However this is like having an extra garage, its great for things that need a lot of back and forth access. But sometimes this just isn’t right.

Containerised storage is something that can make a real difference.

We have purpose built storage centres that are based around custom built wooden containers.
These are big enough to hold almost any item of furniture or a collection of smaller items and boxes. We bring these to your home and can even load them for you. They are then taken to our storage centre where they are safe, secure and easily accessibly when you need them.

The real power of Containerised storage is that when you ready to move in, or the new rooms are ready these containers can be easily brought back, or loaded onto a truck, boat, or even an aircraft for transport.

This means that your items are not moved from your house to a self store, then brought back, then packed in to a removal van, etc. This means items are safer, do not get damaged and make future movement anywhere in the world very easy.

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