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Moving to Australia Guide

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Moving to Australia Guide

There is plenty to consider when moving to Australia. Take a look at our guide to the different aspects you might need to think about.

Australians are renowned for being relaxed and carefree, plus, the year-round temperate climate helps for all the unwinding outdoors. Being in the southern hemisphere, the seasons in Australia are the opposite to the UK – something to bear in mind.

With low crime rates, a diverse population and sociable, family-orientated people, Australia is a great place to go if you want to raise a family.

English is the main spoken language in Australia, but there are a mixture of other languages to be found. Australian-English differs slightly from general English, with Australian Strine often abbreviating words.

To get a bank account in Australia, you can use the National Australia Bank, which offers migrant/expat specific accounts and supplies you with a personal advisor. You’ll need your passport, visa and one more form of identification to open the account – but it’s recommended you set an account up within six weeks of arrival to avoid complications.

Australia is a vast country, which means you’ll probably want the option of driving. Moving your own car over means you need to apply for the right import option and ensure you car meets Australian standards. In most states you can use an overseas licence, but be sure to check before journeying as the rules can be different.

Most of the housing in Australia is high quality, but the outback areas can vary. Modern properties feature air conditioning, gardens and sometimes a pool.

It may be necessary for foreign nationals to notify the government for approval before showing an interest in a property. Rented property normally comes with a minimum lease length of 6 to 12 months.

Finding work in Australia often means applying in an industry where the country requires more bodies. Most employers look for people with fluent English and good qualifications, advertising online, through agencies and in newspapers.

The average working week is 38 hours, with starting wages a little higher than in the UK to reflect the slightly higher living costs.

School is compulsory from age 6 to 16 in Australia, sometimes at a charge for foreign nationals depending on the visa you have. A highly rated education system, students move through primary, secondary and senior secondary, with their summer break occurring over Christmas.

Healthcare in Australia is a mixture of private and government funded care. Universal medical cover is available for those with Australian citizenship, but individual insurance policies are used to bridge the gap for things like GP charges.

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