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Moving to Frankfurt from the UK

As a worldwide removals company, we often notice trends of countries and cities that people want us to help them move too. We have seen a real rise in people moving to Frankfurt and in many cases, we can exactly why.

In this blog post, we talk about moving from the UK to Frankfurt and what you can expect from your new home.

Why consider moving to Frankfurt?

If you haven’t already planned it – that is!

Firstly, Germans class Frankfurt as a city where people come to work, but it is actually a very pretty and idyllic place to live as well. Frankfurt Main Finance estimates that 10,000 people will arrive in this city once the UK quits the EU. This is a large number of people for a city with a population of 730,000.

The city itself has some incredible transport links. The large airport can get you to the UK within one or two hours, so if you were worrying about being far away from elderly relatives or friends, for example, it really isn’t that far.

It is also a fabulous city in the summer months. Workers are often seen leaving work and cycling down the banks of the Main river to one of the many open-air swimming pools scattered around the suburbs of this city. What a great place to meet your family and friends after a day at work.

It’s also worth knowing that workers in Germany get 6 weeks paid leave every year, as a rule. The country as a whole is also more protective of workers’ rights than in the UK.

Things to remember when moving

However, the winter months in this city can be tough. They are grey and dark and the city can feel quite closed off and miserable. That said, the summer months more than make up for it!

Shops in this city are also closed on Sundays, so you will need to get back into the habit of having Sunday as a rest day.

The compactness of the city and slow pace of the atmosphere makes Frankfurt a really popular place for families with young children. Schools in this area often start earlier and finish around lunchtime, so you will need to consider how you can work around school times. Alternatively, there are a considerable amount of childcare or private school options.

Workers and business often find working with Germans easier too as they have a much stricter work ethic that means work gets done. You won’t find yourself chasing a German client or supplier for an answer; instead, you’ll know what is happening straight away. It is very rare for people to work after 5:30pm too, so don’t expect to find yourself working late into the night.

Frankfurt offers a really good quality of life to its residents, and as such, moving there almost seems to be all pros with no cons. The heart of the city is definitely found in the street festivals, which are a chance for the community to really get together, celebrate and, of course, have fun.

If you are considering moving from the UK to Frankfurt then give us a call on 01476 452340. Here at FN Worldwide Removals, we can help you via. our Removals to Frankfurt service without any trouble of headache.