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Moving To Germany from the UK: Why?

The number of British people living in the German capital Berlin rose sharply this year to 15,898. According to official statistics, Berlin is host to the largest British community in Germany. The number of British people living in Germany has increased by 40% since December 2016.

In fact, estimates show that there are more than 107,000 UK citizens living in Germany. So why are people moving to Germany from the UK?

German Relocation

There are lots of reasons people are deciding on moving to Germany form the UK. We have listed some of these reasons below;

  • Germany offers outstanding public transport that follows precise schedules, takes you almost anywhere in the country. Public transport in Germany is also very affordable and extremely convenient.
  • Germany gives you an amazing place to live in. Due to the fact it is on the continent, you will have great opportunities to travel to other countries quickly and with ease. For example, you can travel to The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and France within a few hours.
  • The health care in Germany is very high quality. The health care in Germany provides insurance which covers most of your expenses if medical treatment if needed. However, if you have a high income you will be able to easily afford additional private health insurance.
  • While the cost of living in Germany is now low, it is not expensive if you are employed full time. The daily expenses for things like accommodation, travel, clothes, food and entertainment are close to the average daily expenses in other EU countries. A meal in an expensive restaurant in the capital of Germany is 50% less than the cost of an expensive meal in the capital of England.

Moving to Germany From the UK

These are just some of the reasons that people are considering moving to Germany from the UK. Of course, we couldn’t talk about this topic without mentioning Brexit. Many of the British people moving to Germany from the UK are doing so to flee Brexit.

There are lots of different reasons people are choosing to move to Germany, but for some people, it is just a chance to a new start and a new challenge.

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