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Moving Europe Checklist

Moving to Europe

Moving to Europe is a really big decision. However, it is also a really exciting decision to make. It can give you, you and your partner or you and your family the chance for a fresh start. Moving to Europe is an adventure, an adventure that enables you to live your dream.

However, as we all know, moving house can be stressful. Relocating to another country can be even more stressful. Here at FN Worldwide, we have helped lots of happy customers with UK Removals to Europe Removals to International Removals. So, we decided to share this checklist with you so you can make sure your move to Europe runs as smoothly as possible.

Find your Dream Home

The first thing you need to do is find your dream home. Think firstly about where you want to live and what local amenities you require. Then think about the sort of home you would like to live in. Have a look online at properties abroad and look for estate agents in the local area too. We would recommend that you fly out to your chosen destination and look at a few properties so you can make sure you find your dream home.

European Applications

Next, you need to look in the EU applications and ensure that you can live in the country legally. You will also need to get health insurance in place to ensure that if something bad happens to you in your destination that you are covered and you can be cared for in another country within Europe. You’ll also need to get a bank account set up in your new destination. However, this can be done before you move, or when you have moved house.

European Removals Company

Finally, you need to select a reliable moving company that will help move your valuables and belongings, as well as manage your can shipping. You have a car you love and there is no reason you can’t take this car with you. You just need to find a reliable company that you can trust. And that is where we come in!

Here at FN, we can help you move to Europe.

You can sit comfortably on your flight to Europe and your new home, while we safely deliver your belongings, valuables and car to your new home, ready to meet you when you land. Get a Free Quote Today.