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Moving to Frankfurt from the UK

As a worldwide removals company, we often notice trends of countries and cities that people want us to help them move too. We have seen a real rise in people moving to Frankfurt and in many cases, we can exactly why. In this blog post, we talk about moving from the UK to Frankfurt and what you can expect from your new home. Why consider moving to Frankfurt? If you haven’t already planned it – that is! Firstly, Germans class Frankfurt as a city where people come to work, but it is actually a very pretty and idyllic place to live…

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Moving to Germany: A Guide for Expats

Germany is a vibrant, modern country that boasts a great standard of living and plenty of opportunities. From magical landscapes to bustling cities, there’s something for everyone and over the years thousands Britons have made it their home. Organisation is key, and if you’re considering moving to Germany there are several essential tasks to organise both before your move, and during your first few months of residency. To help make your process run more smoothly, we’ve put together this practical guide for expats who are preparing to make the move to Germany. Things to know before your removal to Germany Buying…

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Top German Cities for your Move Abroad Post-Brexit

Top German Cities for your Move Abroad Post-Brexit With the inevitability of Brexit looming ever closer since June’s referendum, more and more Brits who voted to stay in the EU are looking to relocate to Europe before the process begins – but where to move to? Well, Totallymoney.com recently ranked Germany as the top country for living costs, career prospects, and quality of life, boasting some of the following stats: Average salary of £33,000 Lowest living costs Highest salaries for education, engineering, and media industries At F&N Worldwide Removals, we’ve helped countless people organise their international move to Germany and a…

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The Best Destinations in Europe to Buy a Second Home

Many of us have dreams of buying a second home abroad and whether we are seeking a sunnier climate, a residence to escape from the realities of everyday life or a holiday let, there are many reasons why we look to buy in Europe. However, before you buy it’s important to weigh up the benefits of each destination, after all it’s a big investment to get wrong. Aside from finding your dream property, you should also ensure you’ve researched the lifestyle of the area and any heath, educational and work regulations you may need to know about. We’ve put together a…

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How to Move to Germany

Guide to: Moving to Germany Germany, stereotypically known as an orderly and uptight country also happens to be one of the cleanest and most beautiful countries in the European Union. Birthplace to important historical figures such as Bach, Beethoven and Goethe. Germany is rich in culture, history and architecture with a diverse landscape, they also have a surprising amount of festivals and community celebrations to be enjoyed! The German economy is the largest on the continent; with a population of 81 million, Germany has one of the lowest rates of unemployment at only 5.2% and because of this the job market…

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How to Relocate to Spain

How to Relocate to Spain If the sunny climate of Spain appeals to you then you may be one of nearly 400,000 Brits that opt to swap their rain macs and Sunday roast for espadrilles and paella on a permanent basis. As well as the promise of glorious weather and a slower pace of life, crime rates have dropped by a minimum of 3% in recent years and a stable, strong economy remains. Although it is advisable to have enough funds to be financially secure without working for several months; Preparation is key, even if you are not planning on starting…

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Four Week Moving Abroad Checklist

Moving abroad? Here’s your four-week checklist of jobs to complete before the big day So you’re moving to a different country, which seemed like a good idea to start with but now you haven’t got a clue how to begin packing up your life in the UK in advance of starting a new one abroad. There’s a whole host of things that you need to remember to take care of before you leave – this should be a fairly comprehensive list but you never know what else might crop up to be dealt with… 4 weeks before the move: Throw out,…

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House Price Stabilisation Promotes Moving Abroad

House prices likely to increase less next year in bid to stabilise housing market The housing market has been rather unpredictable in recent years, which has made trying to move house a fairly difficult thing to get right in terms of timing. An opportune time may be now, before an upcoming mortgage market review by the Bank of England which surveyors expect will rein the turbulent market in. House prices rose quicker than expected throughout May according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, meaning there have been mixed signals coming through about which way the market is likely to turn…

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