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Moving Insurance

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Moving Insurance

As a leading removals company, it should go without saying that we know how important your possessions and property are to you. That’s why at F&N Worldwide we offer full coverage through insurance for removals services.

Transit – Moving insurance will cover your things against loss or damage while they are in our care and control, applying to both UK and European moves. We offer indemnity cover against all risks within our terms and conditions, which is activated by the completion of the Schedule of Goods form for a domestic move and the Overseas Moving Valuation when moving abroad.

Storage – Cover for your possessions is included if you are using us (or an approved agent’s warehouse) for part or all of your move to be stored. Completing the Schedule of Goods form or Overseas Moving Valuation will ensure you’re covered with us.

Premises Protection

Both the property you are leaving and the one you’re moving into are also covered with us for any accidental damage resulting from unexpected incidents caused by our staff.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, for more details on moving insurance simply speak to our professional team today – we can include the cost in your quote.

We are indemnified on your behalf against damage or loss. Our quotation terms and conditions (available on this site) spell out what is covered in simple English. If you choose to pay the extra charge to enhance your cover you can rest assured that even in the unlikely event of a problem your things are covered so you won’t be out of pocket. Any payment made to us is guaranteed by the BAR Overseas Group’s pre-payment scheme and further backed up by FIDI.

This explanation should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions which set out our Liability to you for loss or damage to goods or property.

Limited Liability

Under this option we will only accept liability for loss or damage to your effects if we have been negligent. Certain circumstances are specifically excluded (see T&C clause 9.2); even if we do have a liability to you we restrict it to £40 for any one item. We suggest that you only consider this option if you already have appropriate insurance cover in place.

Standard Liability

This is recommended. Under this option we accept liability for any loss or damage to your effects until delivery to your chosen destination. You will need to pay the appropriate premium and complete an Overseas Removal Valuation Form.

Completing the Valuation Form

Make sure that all items for which you require us to accept Standard Liability are detailed on the valuation form. The form has been designed to help you remember all the effects in your consignment but this is intended as a guide only. There are a number of blank spaces for you to insert items not specifically listed. The items marked with a cross simply indicate they are not numerically quantifiable and just need a value.


As suggested above please ensure that you read the Trading Conditions and check the exclusions detailed within clause 11 of the contract.

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